Thursday, 25 February 2010

Formalwear for Lounging Around

Have you ever been puzzled over formal dress nomenclature when it comes to summer weddings? If so, I would wager that the definition of ‘lounge suit’ has been the culprit.

Invariably, if you’ve been instructed to don a lounge suit for such an event, it means that you should wear a plain dark two piece suit. Simple.

However, if you feel like trying something a tad more contemporary, then I would suggest opting for a single breasted one- or two-button suit with plain trousers and a narrow leg. If you prefer a more traditional suit then a three-button single breasted with pleated trousers would be a good alternative, and remember: you can’t go wrong with navy blue.

One of the men’s jackets from the Hackett range, for example, would be the perfect partner for any summer wedding.

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