Thursday, 22 April 2010

Bafflement Over Men’s Blazers

I am often asked by my young friends what to wear with blazers. This is a more difficult proposition than you would think, as, unlike the suit jacket, the blazer can be worn with many different types of trouser.

When wearing, say, a navy blazer, I generally opt for the khaki (or beige) trouser. However, I understand that there is something of a misconception that the younger gentleman looks somehow too conservative or - well, let’s just say it - too old in light trousers with a dark blazer.

This may be true. Although actually, it doesn’t really matter - it’s not so much the colour of the trousers, but the cut that is important. Perhaps pair a blazer with a more modern fit of the khaki trousers, one which is cut slimmer and neater. This will make the whole outfit younger in appearance.

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