Thursday, 1 April 2010

Formalwear or Casual?

I am of the opinion that no single term has done more to confuse how we should dress than ‘smart / casual’. What on earth does it mean? If you were invited to a drinks and dinner function and told to dress ‘smart / casual’, what would you wear? Do you lean to the smart side or to the casual?

These things were so much simpler when there was a dress code, as ‘smart / casual’ invariably ends up with half the guests turning up in suits and ties, and the other half in jeans and polo shirts.

For the record, if you receive this dress code instruction, wearing some sort of blazer with a smart shirt worn open-neck with a pair of jeans would be acceptable to most people (though not, perhaps, at the Ritz).

Hackett is proud to offer a range of styles, taking you all the way from ‘smart’ to ‘casual’, as and when required. Why not mix and match to get a whole new look?

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