Thursday, 6 May 2010

Elbow Patches - Practical Addition or Playful Affectation?

I received a comment on my Bafflement over Men's Blazers post recently that asked:

"Could you tell me whether elbow patches on a jacket are a good thing or an affectation?"

It may well be a question on which many of you have pondered, so here are my thoughts on the subject.  Historically, there was some purpose - when gents wore their clothes until they were threadbare, they had not only elbow patches sewn on but the cuffs of their coats were also trimmed with leather, making their favourite coat serviceable for another ten years or so.

Though these days elbow patches are undoubtedly an affectation, I don’t think it is a bad thing. Today elbow patches have been applied in various ways just to add a touch of fun to what sometimes can be a rather dull jacket.

Elbow patches have also been appearing on pullovers and recently I made one, but rather than putting on patches I had the pullover knitted with holes at the elbows so that the shirt beneath showed through. Affected, yes, but it amused people every time I wore it and I really liked that there was something subversive about it. Speaking of which, have you seen our shirts with elbow patches?

What do you think about elbow patches? I'd welcome your opinion - or even a photograph of you sporting some. Thanks to Antonio for raising the issue and to everyone else who has been asking me style questions here on the blog - do keep them coming in.

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