Monday, 22 November 2010

Heaven Scent: D.R. Harris Soaps & Colognes

Sitting one morning in the barber's chair in our Sloane Street shop, having my luxurious locks trimmed by Michael, my eye was drawn to the glass and mahogany cabinets displaying Hackett toiletries neatly laid out in smart navy and white packaging. Complimenting this captivating sight were the soaps and colognes from D.R. Harris, whose red and white boxes sat pleasingly alongside.

It occurred to me then that I had been using D.R. Harris products for close to 30 years, having one day stumbled upon their establishment in the heart of St James's club land.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Out and About Hackett: Store Openings and Other Adventures

It's been a hectic couple of weeks; I was recently in Amsterdam for the opening of a new Hackett shop, our first in The Netherlands. We have opened in a charming district, more of a residential area, a little bit like being in down town New York.

On the evening of the grand opening party, I was whisked to the event in an Aston Martin and greeted by a large crowd and flashing cameras. I could get used to this. I made a short speech which I'm sure was all Double Dutch to the listening guests. To declare the shop open, a mock game of croquet had been arranged where I had to hit the ball through a hoop and into the shop. After my third attempt, the shop was declared open and the party got into full swing.

The following week, I was in Zurich for yet another Hackett store opening in Parade Platz - a very chic shopping location. Again, the Aston was laid on and our beautiful shop was jam packed with the great and good of Zurich in attendance. The champagne flowed, mostly my way.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Sock It To Me, Santa: Socks For Christmas

Now that it is November, I have no qualms in talking about Christmas - although talking is all I seem to do, as like most men I tend to leave it to the last minute. I often hear people say "you can't buy socks, they are so boring", but believe me I would rather receive a nice pair of socks for Christmas than some trinket that immediately goes into a cupboard, never to surface again.

I was sitting on the tube the other day and was struck by how ghastly most of the socks that the business men opposite me were wearing. It was perfectly obvious that no thought had been given to their hosiery and that they had grabbed the first pair of socks available.