Friday, 5 November 2010

Sock It To Me, Santa: Socks For Christmas

Now that it is November, I have no qualms in talking about Christmas - although talking is all I seem to do, as like most men I tend to leave it to the last minute. I often hear people say "you can't buy socks, they are so boring", but believe me I would rather receive a nice pair of socks for Christmas than some trinket that immediately goes into a cupboard, never to surface again.

I was sitting on the tube the other day and was struck by how ghastly most of the socks that the business men opposite me were wearing. It was perfectly obvious that no thought had been given to their hosiery and that they had grabbed the first pair of socks available.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like colourful socks, I even like oddly paired socks, something David Hockney pulls off with great style. It's thin novelty socks made like pop socks that I find so distasteful - particularly on an older man in a pin stripe suit and, worse still, showing off acres of pale calf at the same time.

I read somewhere that the most popular colour for socks is black. Personally, I prefer navy blue, wearing black only for formal occasions. I own so many pairs of socks that I have a pair of sock drawers, one which is full of long navy blue socks, the other with brightly coloured heel and toe socks mixed with boldly striped pairs and, if the mood takes me, I’ll wear them with a suit.

There was a time when gentlemen wore sock suspenders. Cary Grant was often seen in his movies half dressed sporting this bizarre contraption. I never understood the need for them. Not only are they a hassle to wear, but if you wear full length socks there is absolutely no requirement for them. No doubt that having said that, they will now become next year’s must-have accessory. I just hope there aren't any in my Christmas stocking.

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