Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Annual Klosters Snow Polo Event

Last weekend I travelled to Klosters in Switzerland with my sponsorship manager, Neil Bugler, for the annual Berenberg Bank Snow Polo event, for which Hackett are the clothing sponsor. We got off to a good start as Aston Martin had laid on a black Rapide for us to drive from Zurich to Klosters. We took a detour via the new Hackett shop in Zurich to pick up a hat and gloves that I had forgotten to pack - and thank goodness I did, as at times in Klosters it was a breathtaking -18!

As we powered up the winding mountain roads, the snow became thicker and the sky blue. In no time Klosters came into view, nestled in a valley with the Polo Club taking central stage. Klosters has long been popular with the British, enhanced over the years by visiting royalty. Judging by the number plates in the car park, they were here in force.

We arrived just in time to see the Hackett team being thrashed by the Aston Martin team, but it was early days in the tournament and at least they were well turned out.

We set up a Hackett shop next to the polo ground which was doing a roaring trade, and although I was wearing several layers, I was still cold. I bought a sweater emblazoned with the Klosters logo with a 1940s font across the front. I tucked my corduroys into my long red socks to complete the retro look.

Whilst the polo was fun to watch, the hospitality lounge beckoned. It was packed - the rich Swiss were all rugged up in cashmere and floor length fur coats looking very swish, polo players wandered in and out, all longhaired and rugged  Argentinean style, and press photographers and film crews were anxiously looking for celebs.

Okay, I was snapped a couple of times only to be asked after, 'who are you?' Of course all they were really interested in was Katie Price, who swept in long after dinner was over and held court in the bar. I chatted with her briefly and found her to be sweet and very savvy; she knows how to make the most of her assets.

On the second day of the tournament, the Hackett team had slipped further down the league. In four years of taking part in the tournament we have yet to win. Yet if we couldn’t win on the pitch, we made every effort to win in the sartorial stakes. So that day we both wore our ancient Hackett Tweed plus 4s suits, Neil in Horse and Hound Tweed circa 1997 and me in Country Life Tweed circa 1995.

As the Union flag fluttered over the polo ground and the sun dropped behind the mountains, we jumped in the Aston and headed home. And by the way, Aston Martin won the coveted trophy - under the circumstances, it would have been churlish to begrudge them their moment of glory.

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