Monday, 21 February 2011

Well Spotted: New Season Looks for The Spring & Summer

Finally, on a spring-like morning, I am able to divest myself of my overcoat, scarf, hat and knitted gloves after a long and gruelling winter - though it may still be a little premature to forego the vest.

I decided it was time to drop by our Sloane Street shop and peruse the new range for Spring/Summer 2011. As I walked into the shop I was hit by a mass of colour - daffodil coloured cotton chinos, rose shaded linen trousers and magnolia cotton cricket sweaters, alongside Liberty flower print shirts. I think that’s enough flowery analogy.
This may surprise you but I’m not very good at shopping. I tend to get overawed by the array of products on display and I am invariably drawn to anything blue. I was particularly taken by our new blazer. I know what you’re thinking, there he goes again talking about blazers, but this one is quite different. It is made from a heavyweight cotton pique similar to our polo shirt fabric.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Royal Wedding Kit

With a Royal wedding only a couple of months away, there is great excitement on the fashion pages as to what Kate Middleton will be wearing for the great day. I am more concerned about what Prince William decides to wear. Will it be the whole morning coat kit or will he opt for uniform? It’s giving me sleepless nights.

The Royal Family have always worn morning dress well, from the Duke of Windsor to the Duke of Edinburgh. Prince Charles always looks his best attired in tails and his sons carry on the tradition looking as though they have always worn it - which in a way they have, having been required to wear it at Eton.

Purely for commercial reasons, I am hoping that Prince William will choose to wear morning dress. If he does, it’s my betting is that it will be the most fashionable must have of the season. Unlike most men who leave sorting out their wedding kit until the last moment, I’m sure the Prince’s valet has already lined up a tailor to make his outfit, and that all the cutters on Savile Row are anxiously awaiting a call from the palace.

Given that Prince Charles favours Welsh and Jeffries, the long established military tailors, that’s a possibility. The proprietor, Malcolm Plews, has a renowned reputation with the shears on the Row. It could also be Henry Poole, the oldest tailors in the street, whose clients have previously included Winston Churchill - however, discretion being one of their hallmarks, they are not saying anything and nor am I!