Monday, 21 February 2011

Well Spotted: New Season Looks for The Spring & Summer

Finally, on a spring-like morning, I am able to divest myself of my overcoat, scarf, hat and knitted gloves after a long and gruelling winter - though it may still be a little premature to forego the vest.

I decided it was time to drop by our Sloane Street shop and peruse the new range for Spring/Summer 2011. As I walked into the shop I was hit by a mass of colour - daffodil coloured cotton chinos, rose shaded linen trousers and magnolia cotton cricket sweaters, alongside Liberty flower print shirts. I think that’s enough flowery analogy.
This may surprise you but I’m not very good at shopping. I tend to get overawed by the array of products on display and I am invariably drawn to anything blue. I was particularly taken by our new blazer. I know what you’re thinking, there he goes again talking about blazers, but this one is quite different. It is made from a heavyweight cotton pique similar to our polo shirt fabric.

It is two button with side vents, unlined and completely deconstructed. I think it is the perfect summer jacket as it will be easy to pack when travelling.

Do you know what? I bought it in grey - adding a white polo with a navy and white striped collar to wear with it, though I know when I get home I’ll still be thinking about the navy version.

I have always had a soft spot for polka dots. Nearly all my ties are spotted (including my bow ties), as is the dressing gown that hangs on the back of my bathroom door, which is rarely worn but just looks nice.
Stripe Polka Dot Shirt - coming soon

This spring we have made cotton polka dot shirts, naturally in blue with white spots. We have washed the cloth to give a faded effect so that it already looks like an old favourite, and because elbow patches have been so popular we have taken a simple blue and white striped shirt and added cotton polka dot elbow patches to it, as well as on the underside of the collar stand and the inside of the shirt cuffs. I’m even tempted to wear it with a contrasting colour polka dot tie.

The season would never be complete without some reference to my Sussex spaniels Charley and Browney. I always come up with a little item in their honour. In the autumn it was tweed dog key rings and for spring I have made the key rings in cotton madras. I seem to remember we made shirts from the same material so could this be a first: a matching shirt and key ring.

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