Friday, 6 May 2011

Gentlemen Prefer Suits

It has been said that a gentleman should dress so as not to be noticed. Whilst I understand the sentiment of that statement I don’t entirely agree. If I see a gentleman elegantly attired I can’t help but notice, as sadly today it is all-too-rare an occurrence.

While at one of the many St James’s gentleman’s clubs clustered in London’s West End waiting for my first course of soup to arrive (I believe it was Lord Curzon who once commented that gentlemen do not take soup at luncheon - oh well, never mind), sitting at a long mahogany refectory table with twenty other members, I gazed across the crisp white linen and silver-laid table and soon to be quaffed bottles of Claret, and as is my incurable habit, I noted the suits the gentlemen were wearing: almost without exception they were navy blue.