Friday, 24 May 2013

Gucci Loafers

Here goes, talking about one of my favourite subjects, shoes. A few weeks ago I was wandering around Manhattan, idly looking in the shop windows and as I passed J. Press, the renowned preppy outfitters I noticed in their display a pair of shoes distinctly similar to the Gucci loafer. A shoe so famous, it deserves the status of National Treasure. Back in the 80’s it seemed that all our customers wore nothing but Gucci loafers, with pinstripe suits, corduroy trousers or a pair of old Levi's. Much as I liked the shoe I never found them to be comfortable, perhaps this pair in J. Press would fit. I discovered they were made by Alden, the most reputable shoemakers in America and whose shoes fitted me perfectly. Seeing that tassel loafers have become popular again I have the feeling that the Gucci loafer will also enjoy a renaissance. There is something glamorous about this shoe that makes one think of all things horsey. Of course they fitted so I had no excuse but to buy them and somehow they seemed so much cheaper in dollars. A few days later I was having my haircut in our Sloane St shop and I suddenly noticed that Michael our Barber was wearing a pair of tan suede Gucci loafers. He said that he had owned them for years and just dug them out of the wardrobe, gave them a good brushing and felt like wearing them again. In future when I am thinking about trends I need look no further than Michael because he really does seem to have his finger on the pulse.

Jeremy Hackett

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