Thursday, 29 August 2013

Come Fly with Me

Me in New York 1976
Back in the 1970s I was, as usual early one Saturday morning trawling Portobello road looking for vintage bargains, when I came upon a stall holder wearing a fantastic World War Two flying jacket. After much cajoling he agreed to sell it to me, of course it meant paying a premium which I was happy to do because I had never owned a leather jacket before. I wore it constantly for many years repairing it frequently until it finally fell apart and I have never worn one since.

But for Autumn 13 we have created a similar jacket and when we were shooting pictures of the winter collection recently at Big Sky studios, I took the opportunity of photographing the model wearing it. The sun came out briefly so I grabbed the model and posed him in front of the lift which had the feeling of it having been shot by the doors of an R.A.F. Aerodrome. There is a general feeling for all things military at the moment and so I think our vintage style flying jacket will be very popular this season, well at least I shall buy one.

Jeremy Hackett

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