Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Globe Trotting

Realising that I had a world trip ahead of me I decided that I needed some grown up luggage for the trip that was to take in Australia (for pleasure) onto Singapore and Japan (for work).

I headed to Globetrotter in Burlington Arcade where I chose three suitcases from the Expedition range made to celebrate Sir Edmond Hilary's conquest of Mount Everest in 1953 (although the only heights I would be scaling would be the eight floors of Isetan in Tokyo the largest Men's store in the world, by escalator naturally).

1930s advertising display inferring that Globetrotter
cases are as strong as an Elephant. I couldn't agree more.
The cases were dark green trimmed with brown leather, to add a touch of colour I had them monogrammed in crimson so that anyone would think twice before trying to steal them. They were lined in green Ventile cotton - the same material that Sir Edmond's outerwear jackets were made from.

My monogrammed Globetrotter trio

Ventile is a cloth we have used at Hackett in the past and is a tightly woven cotton that can stand up to extreme weather. Twenty years on I still own a jacket made from this illustrious fabric. 

Vintage Ventile cotton outerwear jacket by Hackett circa 1992
For once packing was a joy as I was no longer cramming my suits into duffle type bags, rather I was able to lay my suits out neatly and despite being in the cases for nearly a week I was able to wear them immediately upon arrival in Tokyo.

Arriving at Heathrow, laden down with my set of Globetrotter cases and with admiring glances from porters to staff at the BA check-in desk a thought occurred to me... Thank goodness I wasn't travelling by Ryanair because their excess baggage charges would have bankrupted me.

Surely you're not going away again?

Jeremy Hackett

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