Friday, 20 December 2013

The Quiet One

I had a call from our Sloane Street shop advising me that Jose Mourinho would be making a visit to do a little bit of Christmas shopping and would I look after him. Well of course I was more than happy to help out. Jose slipped into the shop quietly, decked out head to toe in navy blue. A man after my own heart. For those of you who read my blog you will know that navy blue is my favourite colour.

I began by showing him around pointing out various items of clothing that I thought would appeal to him. "How about a parka outerwear jacket" I said, pulling one off the rack in red, perfect to wear on the touchline. He nodded and said "I'll try it in navy blue." What about a heavy knit pullover? "Does it come in navy blue." "Naturally" I replied. I was beginning to warm to this theme and proceeded to show him almost anything in navy. Just when I thought I was on a roll he raised an eyebrow and asked me if the navy knitted vest came in grey which happily it did. I knew that he had children so I showed him our kids department his eyes alighted on a picture of my Sussex Spaniel and as I know very little about football I realised that we had found common ground in dogs. He chose some presents for his son and it goes without saying they were in navy blue.

I decided to leave him to browse around on his own as he is a man who knows exactly what he wants and my sales patter was having little effect. In fact it may have been detrimental. After he had settled up, he slipped quietly out of the shop wishing everyone a Happy Christmas as he left. I shall be going to the Chelsea v Liverpool match after Christmas and shall have no problem spotting Jose as he will no doubt be head to toe in navy blue. Come on you Blues!

Jeremy Hackett

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