Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Regent Tweet

Last Saturday I was invited by the Regent St Association to give a speech at their Regent Tweet event that took place in the impressive Apple store on Regent Street. I had been asked to speak about Hackett to an audience of international bloggers, a daunting prospect I must admit, for they are not my usual audience. But in this modern day, I have begun to appreciate the doors an online audience can open.

To begin, I had the Hackett logo projected onto a screen behind me. For a bit of fun, I had asked our design department to take a bite out of the bowler hat to mimic the Apple logo.

(I hope Apple appreciate the humour!)

My closing words to the assembled bloggers were ‘What you post online should always be first class’. And with that, I hope to see us here at Hackett moving forward with my delightful audience of bloggers into the digital age.

 Jeremy Hackett

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