Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Horse Power

A couple of weeks ago I was in Beijing ostensibly to support British Polo day at the Tang Polo Club on the outskirts of the city when at the last minute I was fortunate to blag a couple of tickets to the very first Formula E Grand Prix. A smart move by the organisers to stage it in Beijing with its reputation for pollution and smog. Ironically, it was a beautiful day with clear blue skies.

Alain Prost who's son Nicolas was racing

Birds Nest Stadium

Neil Bugler enjoying a quiet moment

Accompanied by my sponsorship manager Neil Bugler, we headed off to the Olympic stadium where the race was to take place, we were ferried to the hospitality suite by golf cart passing the magnificent Birds Nest stadium looking to me as though a ball of knitting wool had been unravelled. The day passed quietly with more noise coming from the marquees than the race track. Socially, it was a very enjoyable day but I did miss the roaring engines and petrol fumes, the battery powered race cars glided by emitting less noise than my vacuum cleaner.

The following day I spent at The Tang Polo Club where to be honest, I found the horse power to be far more exhilarating. After a weekend of socialising, I was more than ready to slump into my seat for the flight home with a glass of champagne and the opportunity to recharge my batteries.
Jeremy Hackett

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