Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Last Saturday I hosted the BAFTA Fellowship lunch at The Savoy to honour the great writer and director Mike Leigh of whom I have been a long standing fan. It is Leigh's pin sharp observation of human nature and it's frailties that make him such an outstanding director. I couldn't help thinking when making a short speech that Leigh would be noting my every mannerism, gesture, tic and mode of speech and fashion to be stored away and in a forthcoming screen play served up as some excruciatingly toe curling and cringe making character. I do hope so.

On Sunday evening I hosted a table at the BAFTA awards dinner and my guests included several young actors such as James Norton, Freddie Fox and Ed Speleers all who were impeccably attired in Hackett dinner jackets and were extremely good company. I bumped into Eddie Redmayne fresh from receiving his justly deserved Best Actor award. I have known Eddie for a number of years having featured him in my book Mr Classic and despite all the fame and plaudits that have been heaped upon him he remains as charming and self deprecating as when I first met him.

That's probably enough name dropping for one blog.
Jeremy Hackett

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