Monday, 2 March 2015

Well Suited

It was a bitter sweet Sunday afternoon as I settled down to watch the England Rugby team take on Ireland in what I optimistically thought would be England's  third win of the the six nations; only it wasn't to be. Somewhat deflated by the unfortunate result of the match my spirits were lifted when Chelsea held the League cup aloft. To see Jose Mourinho so obviously ecstatic at his teams win was a rare sight. Mourinho rolling around on the grass in his Hackett Chelsea suit like a ten year old made me think that I shall probably be getting a call from Chelsea, no not to play but to provide their manager with a new suit which of course I shall happily oblige. I just wondered if we had kitted out Stuart Lancaster in a Hackett suit would the outcome of England's match have been different? I shall spare you my cod analysis of the matches suffice to say commiseration to England and congratulations to Chelsea.

Jeremy Hackett

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