Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Randolph Sunglasses

Last year, my half brother Robert very kindly sent me from the U.S a pair of Randolph sunglasses explaining that our  father an ex  Colonel  and flight surgeon in the U.S Air Force ( it's a long story) wore them frequently when flying. I showed them to our buying department suggesting that we stock them in our Spitalfields shop  where from time to time we drop in products outside of Hackett branded goods because we believe in their authenticity and find that they are complimentary to the brand. 

The classic Randolph aviator fulfills that criteria perfectly as they are purposeful, well made and have long been in use by the American military. I am thrilled to announce that they are now available in our Spitalfields shop. I shall be making a trip to the South of France shortly sporting my Randolph Sunnies where famously Somerset Maugham commented "A sunny place for shady characters". I should fit in perfectly.

Jeremy Hackett

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