About Jeremy Hackett

I am Jeremy Hackett, founder and chairman of British designer menswear company Hackett London. I was brought up and educated in Clifton, Bristol and left school at 17 to take up a full time job in a local men’s fashion shop, having worked there previously as a Saturday boy.

Within a year I moved to London and worked in the fashionable King's Road before accepting a position at a tailor's shop on Savile Row. It was then that I began to day dream about starting my own clothing business. As a sideline I bought and sold second hand clothes purchased from the London street markets.

Through this I met up with Ashley Lloyd-Jennings, who shared similar tastes, and between us we started Hackett. Our bank manager at the time pointed out that we'd set up shop at "the wrong end of the New King's Road", but we were happy to prove him wrong.

As well as running Hackett, I also write regularly on the subject of menswear.